As the clock is about to strike midnight, I am submitting my entry for Project Sewn Week 3 “If the Shoe Fits” Sew Along Challenge….

I live in the world where bubble bath is a luxury and glamour oftentimes has to surrender to comfort. Time is my most valuable commodity, so when it comes to shoes, I let them come to me. And I don’t mean the Cinderella approach, I am talking about smart phone shopping while waiting in the supermarket checkout line. Free shipping, free returns, no questions asked – that is my kind of magic! So when that box arrives at my door and the shoe fits, who needs a fairy godmother!


When that shoe arrives and it fits (technically a pair, but I am sticking to the theme), it deserves a dress to go with it!


My shoes are Børn® Nadine Crown Collection in Vino suede.

Dress – ponte knit from my stash, pattern -Burdastyle #118A from 10/2012 (can be found on BurdaStyle.com) graded up one size (that wouldn’t be the size model is wearing, but the largest size they offer for this pattern).



There is not much to say about construction. Ponte is fit friendly and forgiving, there was no need for zipper of any kind. However, there is a little story (there is always a little story if you live in my household). I had to move the back darts towards center by about half inch on both sides. When I cut all my pieces and was pinning my darts, I noticed a little hole in the fabric, just about on the dart line. Sometimes it happens, a little defect in fabric that gets worse in prewash (good lesson, I will be inspecting my fabric before cutting into it from now on), but it was done and it had to be dealt with. So I moved my darts closer together so the little defect ended up inside the dart legs. This solve may not have worked on wool but, like I said, ponte is forgiving.


If you are familiar with this pattern, you may remember that the front looks curved to allow for all the gathering on one side. In other words, if you position the skirt portion on grain, the bodice part happens to be on bias, or vice versa. I think you can choose either orientation depending on your fabric and print, the dress will work either way. However, it allows for some interesting experience matching print or, in my case, texture. Not everyone is concerned with print matching, but I try to find a challenge in each project. I am not kidding, I think it’s a curse. In this instance I tried my best to match the texture pattern on the bodice and the sleeves. Maybe I do have a fairy godmother after all because it worked!


So the shoes are amazing, the dress is finished and my entry in the Project Sewn Week 3 “If the Shoe Fits” Sew Along Challenge has been submitted. And as usual, it is too late for a bubble bath….

Have a good weekend, everyone.




  1. I am a new seamstress …I’m literarily just learning …pattern matching, bias cutting for me at the moment is rocket science but seing this kind of beautiful things that can be made inspires me to keep sewing… I think it’s wonderful that even being the experienced seamstress that you obviously are you keep challenging yourself. x

    1. Hi Sasha, thank you for stopping by.
      I took a moment to visit your blog. Your work is very impressive for a beginner and your photography is truly amazing! I find myself inspired by all sorts of things – textures, prints, color combinations, and challenging myself is what keeps me interested in learning more. One gains knowledge from making mistakes, A LOT of mistakes. 🙂 Perhaps I appear more experienced than I really am, but I appreciate your kind words.

  2. I have cut into fabric only to find some kind of flaw, too. Have I learned my lesson? Nope…still happens! Great job on saving it by moving the dart, and it looks great on you and with your new shoes. Very cute outfit!

    1. Thank you, Stacy. I noticed the defect when I just finished cutting and lifted my dress front piece off the table. The tiny hole was letting light through. I was lucky it was close to the dart. I think I will remember that now every time I trace a dart, lol.

  3. Hi MaZe, I love your dress in the ponte knit and it works so well with those fab shoes! Thanks for your lovely comments about my dress and for stopping by my blog!


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